One native integration that can be set up within Hudu is OpenAI.
Before setting up your OpenAI integration, please read over our Understanding Integrations article to learn basic concepts and useful tips.
In order to set up an integration with OpenAI, you will need:
  • Access to retrieve an OpenAI API token.
  • Admin or super-admin user role within Hudu.

    At any time, you can come back to your Hudu admin area >> Integrations >> OpenAI to make changes to the integration.

Integration Features

Hudu's integration with OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo allows you to:
  • Generate AI responses from prompts within KB articles.
    • Create and copy AI-generated responses directly into KB articles.


What Hudu needs from OpenAI

  • API Token



Model Selection

As of Hudu 2.28.5, Hudu now automatically pre-selects the latest version of ChatGPT for you to use.


Once integrated, an AI response prompt module will appear when editing all KB articles within Hudu.

  • Navigate to either a client-specific KB article or a global KB article.
  • Click Edit.
  • On the right-hand navigation menu, find the section titled "Generate AI Response"


  • Insert your prompt of choice into the provided field and click the arrow icon to generate.
    • To regenerate a response, click the arrow icon again.
    • Depending on the prompt, this can take a few minutes to generate.
  • When you're happy with the response, click "copy response" down at the bottom, and paste it into your KB article.




My API key is not working?

Answer: If your API key is not being accepted, the most common solutions would be:

  • Attempt to regenerate the API key and re-enter into Hudu.
  • Ensure that you're using OpenAI API - this is different than ChatGPT Plus.
  • Not enough OpenAI developer credits. 
    • OpenAI's API is not a free feature, you will need to either be on their free trial utilizing the provided credits or pay for the feature.
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