Trial Information

Hudu offers a 14-day FREE trial for both our self-hosted and hosted solutions. We’d be happy to get you set up with one, we’ll just need to know which version you prefer!
  • Your Hudu trial environment is fully functional and has no limitations on features, integration, API setup, OR the number of users allowed.
  • If you're happy with the product and decide to move forward with Hudu, your trial environment will become your live version and will retain all information that may have been input during the trial.
    • If you'd like help starting fresh, just let us know!
  • Hudu recommends starting a free trial using the hosting method that you plan to ultimately end with.

    • It is possible to migrate between our self-hosted and hosted options, but a full migration incurs a one-time $199 migration fee.

    • CSV migrations are possible to perform on your own at no extra cost but are unable to migrate admin-level information.



The two products share complete feature parity. The major difference between the two products would be who's hosting it. You or Us!

Self-Hosted Highlights

  • All data is controlled by you, the only information sent to Hudu is the number of licensed users associated with your environment for billing purposes.
  • Completely custom domain.
  • Control downtime of your environment.

Hosted Highlights

  • SOC2 Type 2 compliant.
  • Hudu maintains the environment for you, updates and backups are handled by our team!
  • Subdomain of your choice (as long as it's still available) - the hosted domain will always be

    If you're still unsure which solution is best for you and haven't already, get in contact with us here.


Pricing & Trial

Self-Hosted Magic Cloud (Hosted)


  • Our Self-Hosted pricing is $31/month, which includes your first three user licenses!
  • Additional users are $15/month/user.
  • Hudu has no contracts.
  • Hudu offers a 10% discount if you’d prefer to pay for the year in advance.

Trial Information

If you’re curious about self-hosting your Hudu environment, please create a Hudu HQ account and select Self-Hosted in your request. Hudu HQ will provide you with the setup guide.
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