Admin Security Settings

    The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to admins and super admin users within your organization.


The Security tab of the Hudu Admin area allows for the configuration of added security measures to protect your environment.

In this article, we will discuss the options and abilities that the Security tab in the Hudu Admin area provides. These include:

  • Authentication
    • 2FA
    • SAML/SSO
  • IP Access Control
    • Disable IP Access Control for Portal Members
  • Defaults
    • Idle User Timeout
    • Disable External Sharing
    • Set Default Password Length for the Password Generator
    • Show OTP secrets when editing passwords.




You've got your basic company details setup, now it's time to add some extra layers of security. By navigating to the Hudu Admin Security tab, you'll be able to configure the following:


  • 2FA
    • By clicking configure on the 2FA option, you can set up app-based 2FA.
    • App-based 2FA must first be set up by a super-admin before it can be enabled for all users.
    • To learn more about app-based 2FA setup, our supported providers, and enforcing 2FA on all users; visit our MFA: App-based 2FA article.
      • Additionally, you can set up Duo 2FA. When Duo 2FA is enabled, all non-portal users will see the Duo prompt, instead of the normal 2FA. 
      • Visit our article on Setting Up Duo Authentication for more information.
    • Click configure next to SAML/SSO to enable Single Sign-On using a provider of your choice.
    • Visit Understanding SAML/SSO for more information. Links to the support guides for different providers are also available here.
  • IP Access Control
    • Enable IP Access Control to control which IP address have access to Hudu.
      • These rules do not apply to publicly shared pages, the REST API and Hudu external apps.
    • Disable IP Access Control for Portal Members
      • If this is not checked and IP restrictions are in place, portal members will not be able to login until their IP address is added. 
    • See our article on IP Access Control to learn more. 
  • Idle User Timeout
    • Choose the timeout default for all users across your environment from fifteen minutes up to one week.
  • Disable External Sharing
    • Check the Disable External Sharing Features box to turn off all external sharing options, including the Portal and other client/end-user sharing options from the Hudu interface.
  • Default Password Length
    • Set the default password length for passwords generated within Hudu.
    • Select the Update Defaults button to save these settings.
  • Show OTP Secrets When Editing Passwords
    • Choose whether or not you want OTP secrets exposed when a password is being edited. 





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