Limited Mode

When you receive the message "Hudu is in Limited Mode", it means that your instance has entered a limited mode status.

    In Limited Mode, you have access to all documentation, but will have read-only capabilities.


Hudu goes into Limited Mode when:

  • Your billing is unsuccessful; your free trial could have expired, or there could be problems with your subscription.
  • The number of users in your instance exceeds your license count in Hudu HQ.
  • Your instance isn't connected to the internet, or a firewall is preventing access.
  • The Hudu billing server is experiencing problems.



How to get out of Limited Mode

  • If your Hudu environment has more users than the number of users being paid for, your environment will enter limited mode (you still have access to your data, but you will not be able to add data or make changes within your environment).
  • To resolve this, login to your Hudu HQ account and navigate to My Billing > Access Your Billing Portal and click on Update Plan to adjust the user count.

   For more information on the billing portal, please visit our Hudu HQ - Billing Portal article.

Refresh License Key

  • Go to your Hudu admin area >> License Key >> and hit the ((Refresh)) button in the green billing box to check the billing server again.

    Hitting refresh on any page within Hudu will automatically refresh the license key.

  • If Self-Hosting:
    • Ensure you are on the latest Hudu version.
    • Reboot the server. This can be done from within the server, type “reboot”.
    • Request a new license key here.
      • Sometimes a key just has an error, let us provide a new one to see if this fixes the issue!


Check your Internet Connection

Verify that the outbound internet for the server is working and connected.
  • Within Hudu, you can restrict inbound requests, but cannot block server outbound requests.


Contact Hudu

  • Feel free to contact Hudu support to see if your subscription is having problems and/or to help walk you through resolving such issues!
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