Limited Mode

When you receive the message "Hudu is in Limited Mode", it means that your instance has entered a limited mode status.

    In Limited Mode, you have access to all documentation, but read/write capabilities will be disabled.


Hudu goes into Limited Mode when:

  • Your billing is unsuccessful. Your free trial could have expired, or there could be problems with your subscription.
  • Your instance isn't connected to the internet, or a firewall is preventing access.
  • The Hudu billing server is experiencing problems.



How to get out of Limited Mode

Refresh License Key

  • Go to your Hudu admin area >> License Key >> and hit the ((Refresh)) button in the green billing box to check the billing server again.

    Hitting refresh on any page within Hudu will automatically refresh the license key.

  • If Self-Hosting:
    • Ensure you are on the latest Hudu version.
    • Reboot the server. This can be done from within the server, type “reboot”.
    • Request a new license key here.
      • Sometimes a key just has an error, let us provide a new one to see if this fixes the issue!


Check your Internet Connection

Verify that the outbound internet for the server is working and connected.
  • Within Hudu, you can restrict inbound requests, but cannot block server outbound requests.


Contact Hudu

  • Feel free to contact Hudu support to see if your subscription is having problems and/or to help walk you through resolving such issues!
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