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This article will serve to introduce you to our product, and offer insight into how Hudu can help you and your team!

What is Hudu?

Hudu is a powerful and customizable documentation software for IT professionals!
Hudu serves as the platform to manage and hold asset information and credentials, useful KB articles, and monitor website information and expirations; while providing process tools to maintain standardized documentation and workflows.

    Although tailored to divide most information into different spaces, Hudu comes loaded with global features to allow storage and re-use of KB articles and processes, and provide easy monitoring of client websites, expirations, assets, and more!

Hudu is a web-based application that offers options for either hosting the product internally (self-hosting) or utilizing our Magic Cloud (hosted) solution.

    To learn more about the differences between our self-hosted and hosted versions, visit our Trial Information guide!


Why use Hudu?

 Documentation beats Conversation  

  • Store, consolidate, and standardize client and internal information. Hudu allows you to document every aspect of your client's IT infrastructure, in your own standardized way. Store and connect devices, credentials, and existing information into Hudu's flexible, multi-space platform.
  • Scale with your expanding IT environments. IT environments have made massive leaps from their ancestral counterparts, and continuing to keep everything in your head is no longer sustainable. Hudu provides a secure storage platform that allows you to merge, track and manage this complexity; and enable team collaboration.
  • Process Management. Hudu allows for the creation and use of sophisticated checklists, or "processes." Each checklist can be attached to KB articles or assets to guide a user through a task list. Finished processes can be attached to service tickets in clients' help desk software for a clean, organized approach to documenting the environment.
  • Combine your stack. Integrations allow you to connect your environment to 3rd-party applications, turning Hudu into your teams' personal information hub!
  • Maintain transparency with your end-users. Clients rely on you to store and manage their IT infrastructure -- Hudu's external share portal and quick-share links allow you to easily provide your clients a window to this information, and/or securely send credentials and helpful KB articles.


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