One integration that can be set up within Hudu is CloudRadial.
Before setting up your CloudRadial integration, please read over our Understanding Integrations article to learn basic concepts and useful tips.
In order to set up an integration with CloudRadial, you will need:
  • Access to building integrations in CloudRadial.
  • Admin or super-admin user role within Hudu.

    At any time, you can come back to your Hudu admin area >> Integrations >> CloudRadial to make changes to the integration.

Integration Features

CloudRadial's integration with Hudu allows you to sync:
  • Knowledge base articles.
    • Seamlessly send KB articles from Hudu to your CloudRadial client portals'.

What CloudRadial needs from Hudu

  • API Key.



Enabling Integrations

Integrations can be enabled at any point during your Hudu environment testing and/or during production. The integration built between CloudRadial and Hudu was built by CloudRadial via the API.
  • Navigate to your Hudu admin area >> Integrations.
  • Select CloudRadial from the list.

    If you're running on a Hudu version before, you'll need to select create integration.

  • Name the integration (i.e. "CloudRadial Integration")
  • Copy the key.


  • Alternatively, navigate to the Hudu admin area >> API and create your own API key.
    • Use the left-hand box to Create a new API key.
      • Name the key whatever you wish;
      • You do not need to restrict to a specific company;
      • You do not need to list allowed IP addresses;
      • You do not need to allow access to passwords;
      • You do not need to allow access to destructive actions;


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