Groups & Restrictions

    The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to admins and super admin users within your organization.

Groups allow you to organize users and apply permissions to information; ultimately, giving you the ability to restrict what your Hudu users' are allowed to view. Restrictions can be placed upon almost anything within Hudu and can be configured at a client level (i.e. restricting a group from certain client spaces completely), at a feature level(i.e. restricting passwords section or entire asset layouts), or at an individual level (i.e. restricting an individual password or KB article from a group).
It is typically recommended to add users to a security group upon user creation, due to the fact that groups:
  • Help organize users into units that will share the same permissions within your environment.
  • Apply access restrictions to the entire group(s), as opposed to configuring each user's access level individually.
  • Easily remove an entries group's access to anything stored within Hudu.

    Only user roles of a spectator, author, and editor can be added to security groups; for additional information, visit our User Management article.



Creating Security Groups

Creation and updating of security groups are restricted to admin and/or super user roles.
  • Navigate to your admin area using your Hudu Toolbar and click on the Groups section.
  • From this window, you will see a list of all security groups, including the name of the groups, number of members, whether the group is on the allow or deny list, as well as if the group was made a default group.
  • Some common restriction options you will see immediately upon group creation include:
    • Switch default to Allow list
      • The group starts with no access to client spaces.
    • Remove access to Global KB
      • Disallows access to Global KB articles and the Global KB header navigation element.
    • Remove access to Personal Vaults (My Vault)
      • Removes the ability for users to store personal passwords in the My Vault section.
    • Remove access to Share
      • Removes the ability for users to share articles, processes, and passwords.
    • Remove access to Company Passwords
      • Removes the ability to access and store passwords in Clients.
    • Remove access to Agreements
      • Removes the ability for users to view agreements.


Setting Up Restrictions

This section will cover the additional restrictions that can be placed upon a group after creation; this includes removing access to abilities and features, as well as restricting individual items from groups (i.e. removing access to a single password or asset page).
  • Navigate to the Hudu admin area >> Groups >> and into an existing security group.
    • Overview
      • Provides quick glance into group abilities and restrictions placed upon the group.
    • Set Group Users
      • Choose to add or update users in the security group.
    • Set Company Access:
      • Select how you'd like client access to default for the group:
        • Allow list: Group will only have access to the clients that you allow; all other client spaces will be hidden.
        • Deny list: Group will have access to all client spaces; except for the ones that you deny.
    • Set Login Schedule
      • Choose to set restrictions on when a group can access your Hudu environment. Set days of the week or times of the day that they're allowed in.
    • Set Other Restrictions
      • Choose to restrict a group's abilities or restrict them from custom asset layouts.
        • Groups can be restricted from certain abilities (access to personal password vault, global KB, client passwords' section, etc.);
        • Groups can also be restricted from viewing selected custom asset layouts;
          • This removes the groups' ability to view the entire asset layout, across all client spaces that the group is allowed to access.
    • Restricting Individual Items
      • Nearly everything stored within Hudu comes equipped with More Options; allowing the ability to restrict individual items from security groups.
        • Navigate to an individual item within Hudu (password, KB article, asset, etc.) and select More Options in the top right-hand corner.
        • Select Change Permissions.
        • Choose which security group you’d like to prevent from accessing the selected item.
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