Self-Hosted Setup: FAQ/Troubleshooting

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Common mistakes when setting up

  1. Missing .env information. You will need to fill out all required information.
  2. Not putting a https:// at the beginning of the S3_ENDPOINT. Your Docker will not start if this is missing. Make sure it is a https:// not http://. Hudu does not allow unencrypted images to be displayed, and you will see broken links.

How can I test whether my ports are forwarded/security rules are correct?

If you have Python on the machine, a simple way is to throw up a server on port 80. Type python -v. If the Python version returned is 3.X, then type sudo python3 -m http.server 80. If it is 2.X, then type sudo python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80. If you visit your IP address on port 80, you should be seeing a directory listing. If not, something is wrong with your port forwarding or security rules.

I need help, what should I send Hudu Support?

To help Hudu Support, please send us the output of sudo docker-compose up. That is usually the quickest way to see what is going wrong with your instance. Please also include additional context in terms of where you are in the setup process. You can use a service like to send us the info. If you send us .env info, please make sure that all confidential information is taken out before sending.

What data is sent to Hudu?

For licensing purposes, we send the following information to our servers:

  1. # of active companies
  2. # of active users

NO other data is sent to our servers.

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