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How to Add Users

1. Navigate to the Admin Tab                         Select_Admin.png 
2. Select the tab highlighted below                                                                                                                  Add_User__better_Quality_test_.png
 * or select User and click the "Invite New User"Invite_new_user.png
3. One or more users can be added at a time, to add multiple, separated by commas. Select "+Add" to initialize the invites.enter_email.png4. Choose user roles (within this menu, there is a chart that identifies the permissions)assign_role.png
5. (Optional) Assign them to a group. Roles that can be added to a group: Spectator, Author, and Editor

Who is billed?

All users are billed except Portal Members. You can add unlimited portal members for no additional cost. These typically are client users or end-users, as they can only view a limited amount of data.

I want to add clients to manage their own company

You will want to create these users as a Spectator, Author, or Editor role (depending on their level), and then associate them with a group limiting them to the information they should see.

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