Managing Fields

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Adding Fields

  1. Navigate to the Admin TabSelect_Admin.png
  2. Select Asset LayoutsUntitledclick_Asset_Layout.png
  3. Choose the Desired AssetUntitledadding_fields.png
  4. Select New Field or edit an existingField_Creation.png

Field Applications

Using the correct field with an Asset is essential for building proper documentation. These items are built in to improve workflow and also reduce opportunities for mislabeling or poor documentation. 

To reduce errors from users, assigning proper fields to Asset Entries mitigate open-ended interpretations. Having a note section in an Asset can be useful for quick details, but by assigning a Date Field, Phone, and/or Link, users don't have to improvise useful information. The guidelines are built-in. 

For entries that may be more variable, fields can be optional. To ensure the crucial information is recorded, the admin has the ability to enforce a field to be completed before saving.


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