Updating Asset Layouts

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How to Update

  1. While in the Admin "Basic Setup" Assets section, choose the desired Asset to update


  1. Within a Client/Company select the desired asset to modify  
  2. Select Restructure (if an Asset only has one entry, it will open into the Asset automatically, Manage > Restructure if that's the case)Untitledrestrcuture.png

Once inside the chosen Asset

By choosing Edit Asset Layout, the users are able to customize and add new parameters to the assetEdit_Asset__ALL_.png

Duplicate will create an exact copy of the Asset as a separate entity

Fields can be edited to change their properties (ex: Date, Number Ranges, and linked websites)

Deactivate will stop the Asset from showing in Companies/Clients without the need to fully delete them

Delete will permanently remove the Asset from all Companies/Clients


Assets are universal entities that apply to every Client/Company. Editing an Asset while in a specific Client/Company, will be applied globally. 


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