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What are Global Password Folders?

Global password folders allow you to standardize and secure your documentation like never before. Create a global password folder, assign which users and groups can access passwords in that folder, and then any passwords added to it will only be available to those users.


What problems does this solve?

- "I'd like to have passwords that only admins can see" - Create a Global Group called Admin-Only, assign it Specific Rights, and don't assign it anything other than admin view rights.

- "I'd like to standardize my password structure like I do the rest of my documentation." Create standardized folders like Domain Admin, M365 Passwords, Local Admin, etc. These folders will be standardized across your entire client base.

- "I'd like to easily make a password hidden by a certain group of people in my company" Create a group, without checking the box for certain groups.

- "I'd like to create a group and define permissions on who can access that type of password across my entire client base" Well, hey, that's the entire point of the Global Password Folders!

How to create a Global Password Folder

You can create global passwords as an admin in Hudu Admin > Password Folders.


Who can view passwords in my folder? 


There are two options you can choose when creating/editing a password folder:

  • Folder Viewable to All Users: If you choose this option, all users in the account will be able to access passwords in this folder. Individual rights still apply and take precedence, so if you restrict an individual password from a user, that will still be restricted from them.
  • Folder Viewable to Selected Users: If you choose this option, super admins and admins will automatically have access to all passwords in these folders. NO ONE else will. You can selectively add additional groups to access.





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