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To clear up clutter within a company, entries can be archived and saved for later in the museum section. This is unique to each client for articles, assets, passwords, and more. Rather than delete and risk needing to re-create in the future, the Museum hosts the archived entries. 

In a quick and easy to view system, past articles can be viewed and evaluated if they are required. With a simple click, the archived entity can be brought back to the client/company. 


How to Access

  1. On the dashboard, select client/company 
  2. choose the company of choice 
  3. On the left side icon the core section, choose Museum 


  • Once inside, users can see the types of entries that can be archived, showing up in the museum 
  • To unarchive, select the button, where it will return to its respective location or permanently delete it


Museum is the last stop to deletion, once it's permanently removed, there's no way to get it back 




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