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Portals are there to create a permanent share view for clients to view modules from the tools and Asset sections. 

Users can choose which items are displayed for the clients. Managing licenses, Assets, and KB articles. Additional actions like pinning certain modules or viewing who has access to the portal help create a highly customizable environment. 

How to Access

  1. Navigate to the Client section of the Hudu dashboardHudu_Clean_Home_Page__un-annotated___Cropped_.png
  2. Once inside, select the company you'd like to build a dashboard for 
  3. Under the Tools module, select the External sharing tab                              Hudu_external_sharing_edit.png


How to Create

    1. In the External Sharing section, hit Activate portal for the Portal to startActivate_Portal.png
    2. Once activated, the configurable views will be shownConfigure_Module.png
    3. Select each one of these to import the data for clients to viewPortal_entities.png

Certain items can be pinned or individually removed, this can be done by accessing the individual entry, found above the relationship module


How to Update

  • To add a description of an activated Portal, select edit, next to the deactivation button Edit_portal.png
  • Viewing the portal will take users to see what clients will see when sharedUser_Portal.png


When inside the portal, selecting Edit Portal, on the bottom right of the page, will take the user back to the External Sharing module

How to Edit Portal Labels

  1. Select the Admin tab at the top of the dashboardPortal_Admin_Change.png 
  2. In the Basic Setup Section, choose PortalPortal_Admin.png
  3. From there, Admins are able to change the Global Labelling in portals (Here is a sample of the labels) Portal_labels.png



Are you seeing "Uh-oh, this page seems to have disappeared?"

This error means the portal hasn't been created or activated. Check and make sure before sending a portal member their invite.

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