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Hudu typically works by structuring your information per Company. Each Company is a standardized environment that lets you segment passwords, websites, documents, and lots of other documentation.

Each Company will have the same structure, so finding information is consistent and easy for your team. While each Company is typically accessed by your internal team, you can also create a Portal to share that information with end-users.


How to Access 

  1. Select client/company on the top left of the pageHudu_Clean_Home_Page__un-annotated___Cropped_.png
  2. Choose the Company/Client of interest Comapny_or_Client.pngScreenshot_2021-10-11_172646.png


  • Core - This houses the Overview and Museum Section of the Company Entity. The Overview is the dashboard for the Company and the Museum stores the information archived within the local Company. 
  • Company_-_Core.png


  • Tools - These are the modules that can be stored and related to other Assets within the CompanyCompany_-_Tools.png


  • Assets - Are organized modules for storing and coordinating related information. Company_-_Assets.png


How to Update

  • In the overview section of core, select Edit Update_Company.png
  • Using the Manage section will allow users to Archive, Delete, or Restrict access to the company


How to Create

  1. Select client/company on the top left of the page
  2. Select "New Client" New_company.pngNew_Company_Laypout.png

Depending on the personalization of Hudu, this can also be called Company


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