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Sometimes passwords only belong to one specific user - yourself. Each user has an individual password vault that they can store personal passwords.


How to Access

On the top bar of the dashboard, select the "My Vault" tabMy_Vault.png


How to Create

Once inside, users can either upload their passwords or manually add in new ones. Inside_My_Vault.png


  1. Select "Import"
  2. Download the CSV template Import_to_Vault.png
  3. Fill in the required info within the CSV and saveCSV_import_File.png
  4. Back in the Import Vault, choose the filled out template
  5. Select "Upload" to complete the processUpload_Passwords.png


Manual Entry

  • Fill out the required subjects marked in this tab
  • Users can input an OTP 
  • Can additionally upload a scannable AR code
  • Select "Create" or "Create and add another" if there are more passwords to be addedManual_Entry.png


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