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"Files" is a togglable module that allows users to add text/photos to a specific entity. This enables other users to view important notes or additional documentation where the context may be needed. Any user can view these files attached. If a user is at least an "Author" role, they are able to upload their own files.


How to use

To upload a file, click "Drop files here" and select from the directory the desired file. Files can also be dragged and dropped in the same section. 


Types of files:

  • Any file can be uploaded 100 MB Article_links__documents_and_sharing__files_.png



Asset Photos:

As part of the Assets section, a module called "Photos" can be added. This allows pictures to be viewed in the browser and not require an immediate download, like the "Files" module. 

  • Picture format can be PNG, JPG, or GIF but must be no more than 100 MB in size per individual upload Photos_Screenshot.png



There is no limit to the number of files uploaded but said uploaded file cannot exceed 100 MB per file

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