One Time Sharing

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Hudu offers multiple ways to approach sharing important information. While this article explains one-time sharing, the Portal article will show how Hudu users can share entire Assets and Tools with clients.

One-Time Sharing gives users the flexibility to show only portions of entities without the need of setting up a client portal. But unlike client portals, entire Assets or tools cannot be shared, only specific items within those entities. These single KB articles, Assets, or Passwords grant quick access and variability depending on the situation at hand.

Due to the highly customizable nature of the Hudu interface, location can vary. To locate the share options, Generate QR code and Public Share link, they are found on the right side Module of Assets and Folders/Articles respectively.

How to Share

Select the specific tool or asset that would like to be shared 

Sharing Folders & Articles

Click "Create Public Share Link"

  • This will generate a link that will allow anyone the link is shared with to view the related items Public_Share_Link.png


    • To restrict access, select "Make Private" or generate a new link Shared_Article__Make_Private___Regenerate_.png


Sharing Assets

  1. Choose desired Asset category (these can be pre-configured or custom) 
  2. Select the specific asset to be shared
  3. On the right side margin, "Generate QR Code" can be found Generate_QR.png
    • Once selected, a QR will be generated in a PDF format to be shared which can then be scanned and shared


Sharing Passwords

Include OTP, generates a "One Time Password"

    • Passwords can be copied to clipboard or shared through a secured link Password_Copy_or_Share_Link.png


    • Create Share Link Options
    • Create_Share_Link.png


    • An expiration time can be set until the shared password link is no longer valid Password_Share_Link_Time_options.png








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