How to setup the Mapbox Integration

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The Mapbox integration allows you to setup interactive maps on each company/client/location you have in Hudu.


You will need to create a Mapbox account, and copy your Public Access Token:




You can optionally adjust the style, by giving it a Style URL (read more about this below).

Then, on each company/client/location, a map will be displayed, after creating and saving the integration.

Using different styles

You can also customize the default style of Mapbox. This allows you to design your maps to really make them look cool!

To do so, you can:

  1. Open up the Mapbox Studio (
  2. Select "New Style"
  3. Choose a starter template
  4. Customize your template. Note: The default projection, "globe", is not supported in Hudu's Format. Several of the custom templates use "globe". This must be switched to another projection or your map will appear blank on Hudu. We suggest you make this change before making your custom style public for immediate results. 
  5. When you are finished customizing, click "Share" in the navigation bar. Push the Make Public button make your style available to your Hudu Instance. 
  6. Then, hit Share and copy the Style URL to paste into the Hudu Settingsmceclip2.png



Why aren't changes I make to my custom style appearing?

  • MapBox caches the style URL for performance and scale, so new changes may take a few minutes to appear.

Why does the custom style I implemented show up blank?

  • The default projection, "globe", is not a format supported by Hudu. One may change this in the style editor by navigating to the "3D" tab, selecting "Projection", and using the drop down to select any other option. 


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