Using the OTP Generator

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Hudu includes an OTP (One-Time Password) generator for company vault passwords and personal vault passwords. This allows you to easily share and distribute secure OTPs.


What are One-Time Passwords?

A One-Time Password (OTP) is a password that is valid for only one login transaction, on a computer system or other digital device. Most major websites and applications today utilize them to enhance authentication security.



and after revealing:



How do I use it?

In order to get started with the OTP generator, add or edit a password, and a secret key from a third-party authentication app.

The secret key must be at least 16 characters long and use Base32 formatting.

If the secret key is not provided by the vendor, you will need to either strip it from the OTP url provided or use a tool like to grab the secret.



You can share these One-Time Passwords by creating a Share Link, or adding the password to a Client Portal. Only the One-Time Password will be shared, the secret key will not be included (it is encrypted securely server-side, and never passed to end-users).

When creating a Share Link, you must hit "Include OTP" for the generator to be included.



  • Using the generator with Microsoft and products that support Push 2FA. If the product supports Push 2FA, you must use the non-Push mode. Your OTP will not work when choosing Push 2FA from Microsoft accounts and other similar products.



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