Setting up the Datto RMM integration

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Before starting to connect an integration, please read:

The Datto RMM integration allows you to sync over:

  • Companies
  • Devices

You will need to enable the API before attempting to sync.

You will need from Datto RMM:

  • API Key
  • API Secret Key
  • API Endpoint

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Log into Datto RMM
  2. Select your username at the top                        select_user_name.png
  3. In the Setup Section, choose users 
  4. Click the name of your user, or the one attached to the API
    1. user_clicked.png
    2. Once selected, this menu will open, these items in the red box are what you need. The Secret Key will show once you regenerate the keyDatto_RMM_Generate_API.png
  5. Select Regenerate API Key
    • This will give you two new APIs. One Basic Key and one Secret Key
    • Save the Secret Key or copy it immediately - once you leave the page you will no longer be able to copy the Secret Key
    • Another important note, if you regenerate a new API key, it changes both keys, so before copying the first key, regenerate or there will be an error 
  6. Be sure to hit save on your User details page - Bottom left next to Close
  7. Copy the 3 important components into their respective fields API_fields.png
  8. Save Settings in your Hudu integration page
  9. Select the Test Connection Button to ensure it was set up correctlyRMM_setting_blank.png
  10. If the test was successful, start the sync
    • The page will have to be refreshed after a couple of minutes to be sure the information was pulled in
  11. Then go To Match companies                                                                                      post_match.png
  12. Hudu will create matches if the company doesn’t already exist or locate one with the same name assigning_matched_companies.png
    • Matches can be changed later but be sure they all match before assigning
  13. Once the matches have been made - navigate to the edit settings page
  14. Select which asset will be the primary location of items to be moved to 
    • Individual items can be moved/reassigned later
  15. If there are multiple device types, add sort rulesadditional_filters.png
  16. Sort rules take priority over the primary sync location. Any item that does not get set to this filter, will be moved to the primary sync location


  • In order for a company/client to be matched from Datto, it must have at least 1 device. Otherwise, it can't be found in the Match Companies List.
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