Setting up the ConnectWise Manage Integration

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Before starting to connect an integration, please read:

The ConnectWise Manage integration allows you to sync over:

  • Companies
  • Configurations
  • Contacts

You will need from ConnectWise Manage:

  • Fully Qualified Domain name (example:
  • Company name (example: mymsp)
  • Public key
  • Private key

The ConnectWise Side

  1. To get started, browse to your ConnectWise Manage portal and click on System, then Security Roles.
  2. Then, click on the + to create a new Security Role.
  3. In the Role ID field, give your new security role a name, then hit the Save Icon.mceclip1.png
  4. In the section named Security Modules for Role, you will be presented with a list of headings. Expand all the headings to easily read them.
  5. You will need the following roles:
    Companies Add Level  Edit Level  Delete Level  Inquire Level 
    Company Maintenance All All None All 
    Configuration - Display Passwords None None None All
    Configurations All All None All
    Contacts All All None All
    Service Desk Add Level  Edit Level  Delete Level  Inquire Level 
    Service Tickets None None None All
    System Add Level  Edit Level  Delete Level  Inquire Level 
    API Reports All All None All
    Member Maintenance None None None All
    Table Setup None None None All
    Finance Add Level  Edit Level  Delete Level  Inquire Level 
    Agreements None None None All
  6. Hit Save. 
  7. You now need to create a member in ConnectWise that uses this role. 
  8. Navigate to System -> Members -> API Members
    1. Add a new API Member with the following:
      1. Member ID: Choose a valid id to describe the user (for example, Hudu API Integrator)
      2. License Class: API 
      3. First Name and Last Name: Choose any First and Last name
      4. Time Zone: Choose a time zone for the user (see here for more info)
      5. System
        1. Role ID: Choose the Security Role we created earlier.
        2. Level. We strongly recommend choosing the highest level of access (e.g. Level 1).
        3. Name. Corresponds to the level, for example Corporate.
  9. Create an API key for the user, and plug it in to the corresponding fields in Hudu.



Before contacts and configurations will be added into Hudu, you must have an Asset Layout for both of them already created. Make sure the Asset Layout is active. Otherwise, the Asset Layout will not be displayed in the companies.


You have the option to skip importing:

  • Inactive Companies. If you don't skip inactive companies, then they will automatically arrive in Hudu as archived companies.
  • Contacts. You can choose to skip.
  • Configurations. You can choose to skip.
  • Certain Configuration Types. You will need to run one import (with no companies matched) before you have the option to skip certain configuration types. 

Matching companies

Hudu's import works in two stages. First, Hudu will look for companies to match in to Hudu. We will attempt to match them with companies already in the system. Then, you will need to match companies before attempting to bring in any company information.

Setting up Automatic Links to Hudu in ConnectWise Manage

Once companies are imported into Hudu, you can then add a link back to Hudu from ConnectWise Manage.

  1. In the CW Manage Dashboard, navigate to System -> Setup Tables.
  2. Click on Linksmceclip0.png
  3. Create a New Link with the following:
    1. Link Name: Hudu
    2. Table Reference: Company
    3. Link Definition: https://[YOUR_HUDU_URL]/api/v1/companies/jump?integration_id=[companyrecordid]&integration_slug=cw_manage
  4. Save it. When in a company, you will now see under the Links:mceclip4.png
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