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Getting Started with Hudu?

Below we've created a small outline of important concepts and articles to follow. This is just a starting point! Everyone uses Hudu differently, but this should be a great universal reference to get a good idea of where to start. 

For Admin

  • Verify company name, how to structure Documentation, and security settings.
    • How to get there: Select the Gear Icon to enter the Admin Tab > Select General 
      • We recommend setting the default password to a minimum of 16 characters (32 highly recommended)
      • Enable 2FA to be enforced on every user. An extra layer of security is always useful.
  • Design your color scheme so the default colors of Hudu match that of your company. Add your company logo as well, this is your instance, not Hudu's!
    • How to get there: Within the Admin tab > Select Design
      • The Colors and logo image you upload will be the default every new user sees in their instance.
  • Put together your Asset Layouts
    • Here is how you get started: Asset Layouts
      • We recommend employing the "Gold Standard" tag on any asset that meets the criteria. This tool allows other users to see what makes an entry effective and a good example to follow.  
  • Add Alerts
  • Enable Integrations
    • Here is how you get started
  • Create your Custom Flags
    • Here is how you get started: Setting Up Flags
      • Flags are a great tool to organize potentially flawed items, add extra importance or create your own system of identifying modules. 
  • Add Users

For All Users (Even Admin)

Additional Important Concepts


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