Powerful Integrations

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Hudu integrates with the services you already use and love, like ConnectWise Manage, Syncro, Zapier, and more.

You can manage integrations as an Admin by navigating to Admin -> Integrations. Alongside each active integration, you can also see logs that will give you an update on the status of each integration. Be sure to check these if you are experiencing issues!


Before companies (and their corresponding data) from any integration can be added to Hudu, they must first be matched to either existing companies, or to companies you create here. Once you have matched a company, you must re-run the integration import to fill in all the data for that company.

Entities within a company will be auto-matched based on their name (ie, Dwight's Desktop and Dwight's Desktop). If an incorrect match occurs, you can always manually "Rematch" by going into the individual asset.

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