Customizing the look of Hudu

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In order to change the CSS, you will need to go to Admin >> Design and then enter styles in the Custom CSS Field.

When choosing colors to style your Hudu with, we typically recommend using a service like: This gives you a neat way to match palettes and create a aesthetically-pleasing color scheme.

Some common requests we have gotten from clients:

Changing header color

Dark theme

.header { background: #000; }

Light theme

.header { background: white; } a.header__a { color: #5b17f2; } a.header__a:hover { background: #5b17f2; } .header__a {color: black; }.header__a i {color: #000;}

Changing background color

body { background: #EEE; }

Changing buttons

.button--primary, .form input[type=submit] {
border: 1px red solid !important;
background-color: red !important;
background: red !important;
color: white;

Have a theme you want to share? Let us know!


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