Enabling Integrations

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  1. Navigate to Admin -> Integrations
  2. Choose the integration you want to enable.
  3. Click Edit Settings.
  4. Enter in the information it will ask for. This will depend on the integration chosen.
  5. Test the Integration.
  6. Run the integration by clicking Start.
  7. Once it has completed, click on: Match Companies. Match companies to Hudu Companies or create new ones, then re-run the integration.

Matching Asset Layouts


While configuring the settings, you will see an option to match integration data with Asset Layouts. If you choose A new asset layout, the integration will create a new Asset Layout and insert data in the respective location. You can also choose to match with an existing Asset Layout. 

Matching Companies


The first time your integration is ran, it will attempt to bring in companies from the integration. Before they are added to Hudu, though, they are added to the Matched Companies List. Once your integration has the ran the first time, navigate to Admin -> Integrations, and look for your integration. It should now have a button that says Match Companies.

Go through each company and decide if you would like to match. You can always change matches as well.



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