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Share passwords through a branded portal to your clients, easily and securely.

In order to share a password, you must be marked as an Editor role or above, for information regarding user roles within Hudu, navigate to the Further Reading section below

You can share a password by clicking the "Share" link alongside the password you want to share.

It will bring up a "Create Share Link" page, where you can configure how you want the password to be shared. You can choose the time frame you want the share page to be active for (from as little as 30 minutes to one week), include OTP codes, and whether you want the password to expire after the first view. If you have a company logo in Hudu, the shared password will be sent branded to your clients.


Quick Share Passwords




Extended Access Password Sharing
To allow the client more permanent access to a password, click "Add to Portal" to make the password available within the client portal. The portal may be activated/deactivated at any time and content shown to clients within the portal is fully customizable and branded. For information regarding setting up client portals, click here.


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