Importing Data

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Import information from existing spreadsheets directly into HUDU to get a jump start on your documentation!

As an admin, you can begin importing data by navigating to Admin >> Import.


Notice before importing!

Importing into HUDU is simple and quick, but be careful and cautious. Files must:

  • end in .csv;
  • be less than 1 GB in total file size;
  • follow template files EXACTLY;
  • have dates that are in YYYY-MM-DD. You can do this easily in Excel by using the 'Format Cell' tool.
  • Make sure to save as CSV UTF-8 (Comma-delineated) (.csv) if opening in Microsoft Excel to prevent accented characters from being imported improperly


HUDU comes pre-built with some generic import templates to help get you started on your migration journey; but will also generate import templates based on the custom asset layouts that you create.


Importing Data

Download a template file and adjust your data to fit. Follow it exactly.

Generic templates can be utilized for importing items such as CompaniesKB Articles, Passwords, and a Blank Asset Layout is also given; used for creating a new asset layout.

To generate your own import templates for your data; you'll need to create asset layouts.

Asset layouts created will generate a new import template; based on the name and fields that you give the asset layout. The fields chosen for your asset layout, will then become the column headers of your custom import template.

** Company_name and name fields will be present for all created import templates.


Visit our Assets Layouts article for additional information!

Rolling Back an Import

You can rollback imports, but be VERY careful, as this will remove any pre-existing records.

For example, if you roll back a company's import, and there were companies that were previously matched on name; these companies will be deleted, even if they existed before the import.

There is no way to undo a rollback or any deletions that occur from it. Proceed with caution, and if you have questions, please reach out for help!

Useful Tips

Folder ID

What is the folder_id column for my password import?

  • Folder_id is the unique identifier provided to each individual password folder. If you'd like imported passwords to be placed into a password folder upon being brought in, you'll need to identify which folder by its' Folder ID.
  • To obtain the folder_id for a particular password folder; navigate to your HUDU admin >> password folders tab. The left ID column will provide the value for this import field.
  • Folder_id will act in place of folder name; do not provide folder name during password import.
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