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Hudu Assist brings the power of the Hudu interface into the tools your team is already using. Currently available for HaloPSA , Syncro MSP, NinjaOne , and Autotask PSA. Assist knows which asset item you're currently on and surfaces the relevant passwords, KB articles, related items, and more.

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Installing Hudu Assist

Hudu Assist is a sub-piece of the Hudu browser extension. To utilize Hudu Assist inside of a PSA or RMM, you'll need to first install the extension from the following links:

Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, Microsoft Edge)

Once installed, finish setting up the Browser Extension and Hudu Assist by logging into and connecting your Hudu environment to the extension.

    For additional information on installing the Hudu Browser Extension, visit the Browser Extension article.

    Hudu Assist is currently not available with our Firefox extension. We're working to get this updated.

Connecting Hudu Assist

If you've connected and successfully set up the Hudu Browser Extension, the Hudu Assist icon will appear in the bottom right corner (by default) of the screen when you're logged into one of the supported PSA or RMM tools.

Opening Hudu Assist

Hover over the Hudu Assist icon and either click the top-right 'Expand' icon or click anywhere in the preview window to expand the main Hudu Assist interface.

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Prefer a video walkthrough of how Hudu Assist works? Here is a quick video on using Hudu Assist with your PSA/RMM tools.

Hudu Assist Settings

The Hudu Assist settings can be found inside of the Hudu browser extension settings tab.

  • To access, navigate to your browser's extension bar and open the Hudu browser extension.
  • Click the top-left navigation button to open the navigation dropdown.
  • Click Settings.
  • At the bottom of the Settings page, find the Hudu Assist settings.


Default View
Default View By default, every time Hudu Assist is expanded to the main view, it will first open the Passwords tab. The 'Default View' setting will allow you to change this default behavior to now always open the Documentation tab inside of Hudu Assist.
Disable Module
Disable Module Use this setting if you'd like to completely disable Hudu Assist from appearing when viewing any items inside of your PSA or RMM tool.


Preview Window

Upon hovering over the Hudu Assist icon, a popup will appear showcasing a documentation preview. This is intended to quickly inform the user whether or not there is relevant information stored inside of Hudu on the particular PSA or RMM asset that you are currently viewing.

To minimize the preview, simply quit hovering over the Hudu Assist icon and the preview window will disappear.

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Passwords can be added to a Hudu asset either by relationship or by creating a child password on an asset. Both of these password types will show up inside Hudu Assist when viewing an asset.

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The 'Documentation' tab inside of Hudu Assist provides access to all of the items related to the asset that is currently being viewed.

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