IP Address Management (IPAM)

You can now plan, track, and manage IP addresses inside a network with Hudu's new IP Address Management feature! IP Address Management will allow tracking:

  • How many IP addresses are inside of a network.
  • What the IP addresses are currently doing.
  • Details about a network.
  • Subnets inside of a network. 


    The ability to create and manage networks is only available on Hudu Versions 2.28.0 or later.

The sections below will guide you through adding a network and managing IP addresses within the network.

Set Network Defaults From Pre-Defined Lists

    The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to your organization's admins and super admin users.

  • Navigate to the Hudu Admin tab >> select Network Management.
  • Set a list to choose statuses from.
  • Set a list to choose roles from.

          Visit our Lists article to learn more about creating lists for the Status and Role fields!


Adding a Network

  • Navigate to a client space.
  • Select Network Management from the left-hand sidebar.
  • In Networks, Click + Add.
  • Enter a CIDR Range
  • Select a Parent Network (optional).
  • Select a Status from a pre-made list (optional).
  • Select a Role from a pre-made list (optional).
  • Add a Description (optional).
  • Click Create or Create and add another at the bottom to save.

    Locations can be associated with Networks by editing the asset layout that contains your locations and checking the Use For Locations box. For more information on how to edit Asset Layouts, visit Asset Layouts.


Adding IP Addresses

    IP address Must be within network rules for it to validate.

  • Once the network is created, click the + New button in the IP Addresses section.
  • Add an IP address and choose a status (Assigned, Unassigned, Reserved, Deprecated, etc..).
  • Choose asset and FQDN associated with the IP address.
  • Use the Filter option to find added IP addresses - filter by IP Address, Status or FQDN

Additional Abilities

The sections below will serve to introduce additional features associated with IP Address Management.

Activity Feed
Activity Feed serves to provide a detailed glance of what actions have been performed to the specific network and by who. Toggle to Views to see who has viewed the network. Any action performed within the network is recorded within the network's specific activity feed, as well as in the Hudu admin Global Activity Logs.
Activity logs can be filtered by:
  • Client name.
  • The action performed;
  • By the user who performed the action;
  • or by the IP address from which the action was performed.
Revision History
Revision histories serve to provide a breadcrumb trail of when edits to the network were performed, as well as by who. Click into the latest updated history in the activity feed and your current version will be notated at the top of the timeline.
To view an older version, navigate down the timeline to the desired previous version.
To revert back to an older version, you’ll need to first select from the Activity Feed to view revisions; then choose the version you wish to revert to.
Export IP Addresses
Use the Export option to export out the list of IP addresses into CSV format. The export will include the IP address, Status, FQDN, Description, Comments, and Asset ID of the asset it is assigned to.
Import IP Addresses
You can Import IP addresses by selecting the Import button. Once selected, you will see the options to download the import template or upload a file.
  • The import feature can be used to import new IP addresses or update the current ones.
    • To update current IP addresses, use the export function, make the changes, and reimport the file.
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