Rack Management

Hudu's Rack Management tool is pivotal in managing and maintaining server racks and client infrastructure efficiently. With our Rack Management feature, you can easily track and manage physical hardware assets within each of your clients' server racks.


    The ability to utilize the Rack Management feature is only available on Hudu Versions 2.28.0 or later.

Key Features

  • Ability to organize rack items with rack roles, define color for simple grouping and define once at a global level.
  • Ability to define an item as both front AND rear.
  • Ability to associate assets within Hudu to be linked devices inside of rack storages.
  • Ability to track power utilization and budgeting.
  • Ability to attach photos to a rack storage item (or to a rack storage device).
  • Ability to mark rack reservations.
  • Ability to support 0-based indexing.
  • Ability to print rack storages with the date included.



Let's embark on this journey towards efficient and effective rack management!

    The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to your organization's admins and super admin users.


Defining Rack Roles Globally

  • From your dashboard, go to the Hudu Admin page.
  • Find and click on Network Management.
  • Click on New Rack Role and enter a Name and Description and select a Color for easy grouping. 

Creating Racks Within Companies

  • Navigate to a Client space.
  • Select Network Management from the left-hand sidebar. 
  • In the Rack section, select the + Add button. 
  • Populate the New Rack fields.
    • Name, Starting Unit and Height (U) fields are required.
  • When finished populating the fields, select Create at the bottom of the page to save.


    Locations can be associated with racks by editing the asset layout that contains your locations and checking the Use For Locations box. For more information on how to edit Asset Layouts, visit Asset layouts.


Adding Devices Or Marking As Reserved

  • Once a rack is created, you can add devices to the Front and Rear sections or Mark As Reserved by clicking the + button.
  • In the Edit Item box you will be able to choose Front, Rear or Full Depth.
  • You will also be able to mark the row as Reserved or Used By Device.
    •  Use the Search For The Device field to add a desired device.
    • Define a Role for the device - this must be created in the Admin section ahead of time.
    • Enter the Power draw and Max wattage to track and calculate utilization.
    • Clicking on a device in your rack will take you to the linked device. 



Additional Abilities

The sections below will serve to introduce additional features associated with Rack Management.

Activity Feed
Activity Feed serves to provide a detailed glance of what actions have been performed to the rack storage and by who. Toggle to Views to see who has viewed the rack storage. Any action performed within the rack storage is recorded within the rack storage's specific activity feed, as well as in the Hudu admin Global Activity Logs.
Activity logs can be filtered by:
  • Client name.
  • The action performed;
  • By the user who performed the action;
  • or by the IP address from which the action was performed.
Revision History
Revision histories serve to provide a breadcrumb trail of when edits to the rack storage were performed, as well as by who. Click into the latest updated history in the activity feed and your current version will be notated at the top of the timeline.
To view an older version, navigate down the timeline to the desired previous version.
To revert back to an older version, you’ll need to first select from the Activity Feed to view revisions; then choose the version you wish to revert to.
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