Setting up the Auvik Integration

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Before starting to connect an integration, please read:

The Auvik integration allows you to sync over:

  • Companies
  • Devices

Setup in Auvik

  1. Login in to your Auvik Account
  2. We recommend creating a new user with locked down permissions
  3. Go to the left hand side of Auvik and click Manage Users -> Roles
  4. Create a new Role with the following permissions:
    1. Set the following permissions: mceclip0.png
  5. Once saved, it should look like: mceclip1.png
  6. Assign the role to the user you would like to use for the integration.
  7. When creating the user, assign it the role with access to all clients you want it to access.
  8. Then, login as the user, and create an API Key under the User's Edit Profile Screen.
  9. Save the API key. You will need it later.

Setup in Hudu

  1. Navigate to the Hudu Adminmceclip2.png
  2. Go to Hudu Admin -> Integrations -> Auvik -> Create Integrationmceclip3.png
  3. Hit Edit Settingsmceclip4.png
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. Auvik Domain: Look in your Auvik Dashboard at the URL. You will need to take the FQDN without the first subdomain part. For example, if your url looks like, you would just need to put in
    2. Auvik Domain Prefix: This is the first part of the subdomain that we didn't use in the last step. If your url looks like, you would just need to put in mytest
    3. Auvik Username: This is the username of the account you setup earlier.
    4. Auvik API Key: Copy and paste the API key from the earlier setup of Auvik
  5. Now, hit Save. If the "Test Connection" button works successfully, then you can continue. Otherwise, retry the previous steps and make sure your credentials are correct. 
  6. You will need to run an initial sync to bring in companies/clients from Auvik.
  7. Once ran fully, hit the Matched Companies link.
  8. Match Companies you would like to see in Hudu.
  9. Return to the Edit Settings Page.
  10. You will now see at the bottom, the ability to match Auvik device types with your Asset Layouts in Hudu. Create as many rules as you would like. These define where Hudu will place your Auvik devices. If you don't have asset layouts defined yet, you can define/create them here in the rules or in Hudu Admin -> Assets.
  11. After creating rules, run one more sync. When done, you will start seeing devices from Auvik in each of your clients that were matched.
  12. The sync will run every three hours periodically, or whenever you hit the Manual Sync button.
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