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Hudu's documentation system is designed to be client-specific. Use this article as a guide to navigating the dashboard of a single client. 


Client Overview

Upon clicking on a specific client, you will see a client-specific dashboard or the "Client Overview" page. The client dashboard can be used to add quick notes about the company; view basic information (including child clients, location, phone number, integrations, and more); the users' recent navigations within that client; and client-specific statistics (number of articles, assets, passwords, etc). On the right-hand side of the interface is the relation system built within Hudu.



Quick Notes - This section is a fully customizable area for yourself and Hudu users to input any information that you believe is relevant to the client.


Basic Info - General information for each client. Content such as child clients, location, phone numbers, and portal status is populated into this field. The data can be manually inputted or pulled from active integrations. 


My Recents - Any recently accessed content within the specific client will auto-populate into this field.

Information specific to each Hudu user.


Stats - This section contains client-specific statistics highlighting which, and how many, documentation tools the client is currently using; such as the number of passwords, KB articles, assets, etc. 


Activity Feed - To monitor employee activity and provide extra security measures throughout Hudu, this section shows what content each employee (and any guests allowed access) has been accessing and when within the specific client.


Related Items - One of Hudu's most powerful tools. Almost everything within Hudu can be related to one another to provide ease of navigating between items. 


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