Upgrading Postgres in a production instance

    Make sure you make a backup and a snapshot of the instance prior to performing these or any other configuration changes! These actions can be destructive. 

 1. First make a backup of the database

Manual Backup of Hudu Postgres

  • Login into the server you want to back up.
  • Run cd ~/hudu2
  • Make sure the server is up and running.
  • Run: 
    sudo docker compose exec -T db pg_dump -U postgres hudu_production >> NAME-OF-DUMP.sql
  • This file can now be moved and stored in a secure place if needed for an additional database backup.
  • Bring your instance down. Run 
    sudo docker compose down

2. Delete the database volume

sudo docker volume ls
sudo docker volume rm hudu2_postgres_data

3. Edit the ~/hudu2/docker-compose.yml file and replace the version with the version you wish to update to (current version 3/27/24 is 16.2).

image: 'postgres:16.2'
restart: unless-stopped
- postgres_data:/var/lib/postgresql/data

4. Take the instance back up

cd ~/hudu2
sudo docker compose up -d

5. Restore the database 

  • Move the .sql database dump file into the ~/hudu2 directory if needed. Typically, the easiest way to move files is via SCP or SFTP.
  • Run: 
    sudo docker compose down
    to bring your instance down.
  • Run:
     sudo docker compose up -d db
  • Run the command: 
    sudo docker compose exec db dropdb hudu_production -U postgres
  • Run the command: 
    sudo docker compose exec db createdb hudu_production -U postgres
  • Run the command: 
    cat NAME-OF-DUMP.sql | sudo docker compose exec -T db psql -d hudu_production -U postgres
  • Run: 
    sudo docker compose down
  • Run: 
    sudo docker compose up -d
    to get your instance back up and running!


6. TEST by confirming the site comes back up. This process can take a few minutes. Test that the data from the database is back and working.

    Please visit our Self-Hosted Backup and Restores article to update your automatic backup script to be compatible with the new Postgres version.

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