ScreenConnect Helper

Our ConnectWise ScreenConnect Helper seamlessly integrates Hudu into the ScreenConnect (previously Control) software, providing access to passwords and KB articles without leaving your remote session!



Enabling the CW Control Helper

  • Navigate to the Hudu admin area >> Account Administration >> External Apps.
    • If an External Apps option is not available to you, your instance of Hudu needs an update to the latest version


  • Click Enable.
    • This must be done before being able to use the CW Control Helper.



Installing the CW Control Helper

To access the Control Helper, search for "Hudu Integration" on the ConnectWise Control Admin Extension Marketplace. 

  • For additional information on installing an extension to CW Control, click here!

Confirm that Hudu has been added an extension.




Pin Extension to the Sidebar (recommended)

  • Use the down arrow in the top right corner to pin the helper menu to the control session sidebar.



Signing in 

  • Enter your Hudu instance URL.
  • Select Sign in.


  • Open the provided link in a web browser, it should follow the format:
    • Replace the subdomain.domain section with your Hudu environment URL.
  • Sign in to Hudu if you have not already signed in.
  • Enter the code provided by the Helper.


    The ConnectWise Helper will automatically advance to the next screen once sign-in is complete



  • Use the top three icons to navigate between the respective screens on the Control Helper, from left to right they are company passwords, vault passwords, and KB articles. 



Company Passwords

  • You may search all company passwords by using the Search All Passwords search box or select a company to view its passwords
    • You may search for companies by using the Search Companies search bar.


  • Once a company has been selected, its' passwords will display, click on a password to view the details. 
  • You may also hover over a password to display its quick actions buttons.
    • From left to right they will allow you to send the username to the currently focused text field on the remote device, send the password to the currently focused text field on the remote device, send the OTP to the currently focused text field on the remote device, fill username and password in a user access control window.
  • You may search for passwords by using the search bar.
  • Filter passwords by folder using the dropdown.



Vault Passwords

  • Click on a vault password to view details.
    • You may search vault passwords by using the search bar. 
  • Vault passwords also have the same quick action buttons as company passwords.



Knowledge Base

The KB is used to find Global or Company KB articles.

  • Select a KB article to view it, if an article is a PDF, it will open in your default browser
    • You may search KB articles by using the search bar.
  • Show a company's KB articles by selecting the company from the dropdown selector.
  • Filter KB articles by folder using the dropdown.



Password Details

  • If a password is selected to view its details you can
    • View the password on the screen by clicking the reveal button


    • Use the respective autofill button to send any of the password details to the currently focused text field on the remote device



Additional Features

  • The Select Tool
    • Use the ConnectWise Control Select Tool to select text on the remote screen and automatically search for passwords or KB articles
    • For more information on the Select Tool, check out: ConnectWise Control: Using the Helper Menu - YouTube
    • Enable Clipboard Help to automatically search passwords or KB articles when text is copied to the clipboard.


*Note on Searching

  • When using any search box within the Helper Extension, to return back to all your data (i.e. not filtered by search), you must remove any search text from the search box, then click the search icon of the respective box or simply tap the Enter key on your keyboard.




How to use the ConnectWise Control Helper when your Hudu instance is self-hosted behind CloudFlare?

Answer: If hosting your Hudu instance behind CloudFlare causes the ConnectWise Control Helper to return an "Incorrect Response Data" error on sign-in, you must add the endpoints of the helper as new applications in CloudFlare to bypass auth.
The endpoints you must add as application paths are* and*. After adding the new applications, the Helper should allow sign-on.

Why is the Hudu ConnectWise Control Helper missing on macOS?

Answer: In its current state, the Control software on macOS does not support the Helper Window, therefore, our Helper integration is not supported on macOS. Once ConnectWise enables the Helper Window on macOS our integration will become available.

Why do I have to re-authenticate the Hudu ConnectWise ScreenConnect Helper when I have multiple sessions open?

Answer: Our engineers have identified unexpected behavior within the ConnectWise ScreenConnect Software that currently requires the user to re-authenticate our Helper Integration when using it across multiple ScreenConnect sessions. This behavior has been reported to ConnectWise, they have acknowledged the impact of this issue and are working to correct it on their end. ConnectWise reports that resolving this issue is a priority within their team, however, we currently do not have an ETA from ConnectWise on a resolution.

Updating the CW ScreenConnect Helper

Answer: Navigate to your instance of CW and select Administration >> Extensions. Scroll to the top of the page and click the Check for Updates button. The Extension Marketplace will open and show all the apps you have installed. Click the extension titled Hudu Integration to open its details dropdown. To the right of the extension, the rating will be either text that says Installed and Up-to-date or an Update button. If the Update button is present, click it to perform the update. If Installed and Up-to-Date is present, the Helper is already up-to-date.

Notes: If possible, please close all ScreenConnect sessions before performing the update.

How to check the Hudu ScreenConnect Helper version number?

Answer: Navigate to your instance of CW and select Administration >> Extensions. Scroll down the extensions list until you find the extension titled Hudu Integration. To the right of the Status will be the version number of the extension.

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