Hudu Mobile Feature - Passwords

Passwords within the mobile app function similarly to that of a typical Hudu instance. In the Mobile App, however, passwords can be added within a client, or on your main page.



Creating a Password

  • On your bottom navigation bar, select the ((+)) button.
  • Choose passwords.
  • Finally, fill out the required information.


Client Password

Creating a password from within a client will automatically select which client location your password is assigned. This can be changed at any time by selecting the company name at the top and choosing your desired company.


Global Password

When creating a password, and not being within a specific client, you will need to choose where this password goes to be created.


How to Edit

When editing a password you have the option to change the items you typically would in the full web version. The only limitations are moving passwords to a new folder, client, and MyVault.

  • Navigate to the location of the password.
  • Select the Kebab Menu (three dots icon) on the top right side.
  • Choose Edit.


Password Folders

Passwords can be assigned to a folder, just like in a normal instance. When creating a password you get to also choose which folder it is assigned to.

In the mobile app - the Base password folder is considered the default location for passwords.


Navigating password folders:

  • Enter your chosen company.
  • Select passwords at the top.
  • From there the Base folder menu can be seen (the default password location).
  • Tap the Base Folder to display all password folders >> select the desired folder.


Additional Features

  • Assign password colors.
  • Pin or "favorite" your passwords to display on your dashboard.
  • View when a password was last updated.


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