Gold Standards

The Gold Standards feature provides the ability to designate asset entries as “high-quality”, essentially marking the asset entry as good documentation and an example to follow.
The Gold Standards tab within your Hudu admin area will provide a global view of all your “gold standard assets” within your environment.


Designating Gold Standards

To mark an asset entry as Gold Standard documentation:
  • Navigate to an asset layout, inside one of your client interfaces [spaces].
  • Find the asset that you’d like to designate as a gold standard asset; click on it.
  • In the top right, click the More Options menu.
  • Click the Make Gold Standard option.

make gold standard.png

  • The asset entry will now be visible when creating and/or editing any assets contained within the same asset layout.


    • Gold standard assets will only be visible for the asset layout in which they were created.
      • For example, an asset marked as the gold standard for our ‘Desktops’ asset layout, WILL NOT be visible when creating/editing an ‘Application’ asset.

    By designating an asset as a “gold standard asset”, it will be visible when creating/editing another asset in the same asset layout, regardless of which client/company interface [space] you’re within. Gold standards, like asset layouts, are global.


Gold Standards (Hudu Admin)

    The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to admins and super admin users within your organization.

The Gold Standards tab of your Hudu admin area will provide your top three gold standard assets for each asset layout.
Although you can designate more than three assets as gold standard per asset layout, only the top three will appear in the Hudu admin >> Gold Standards area. Additional gold standard assets (if you have 4 or more) will only appear when creating/editing an asset.
By clicking a gold standard asset name from the list, Hudu will navigate you to the asset where you can further review the entry.

    Hudu recommends reviewing Gold Standard assets frequently to ensure technicians always have high-quality documentation to follow!


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