Audit Monitoring

    The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to admins and super admin users within your organization.

Activity Logs track and store any and all actions a user can perform within your Hudu environment.
Activity logs can be found on individual items stored within Hudu (i.e. Hudu has activity logs that are specific to each unique password, KB article, custom asset, etc.);
As well as at a global level via the Hudu admin area >> Activity Logs tab (for viewing activity logs for every action, across all clients [spaces]).

    Only super-admin roles can view the global and item-specific activity logs.



Accessing Item-specific Activity Logs

  • To view all activity performed on a single item stored within one of your client spaces, navigate to the item.

    Activity logs are kept for every individual item stored within Hudu, with the exception of processes and expirations.

  • When viewing a single item, on the right-hand side menu, navigate to the bottom and find Activity Feed.
  • This will populate a log, filtered to only include actions performed on/to the specific item and the user that performed the actions.
  • Super Admin and Admins will see an option to select View All Activity. This will open up all logged activity for that specific asset, including Action, User, Date/Time, and IP address.

Accessing Global Activity Logs

  • To view all activity performed on every item stored within your Hudu environment, navigate to the Hudu admin area >> Activity Logs.
  • This will provide access to a log of all actions performed on any items stored within your Hudu environment, regardless of which client [space] they reside. 
  • You have the ability to additionally filter by:
    • Client name.
    • Action (performed).
    • User (who performed the action).
    • Date/Time (when action was performed).
    • IP Address (from which the action was performed).


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