The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to admins and super admin users within your organization.


Hudu supports a RESTful API. You can use this API to automate your documentation processes and to customize Hudu assets, articles, and more via programmatic access.



In order to get started with the API, you must first make an API key. You can do this by going to the Hudu admin area >> API. You must first name the key before creating it. You have the option to allow access to Passwords, and the option to prevent destructive actions.

    Be sure to copy the key to a secure location, as it will obfuscate after 5 minutes.

    The documentation for our REST API can be found in your Hudu instance in the Hudu admin area >> API (there will be a link on that page).




All requests to the API must be authenticated with an API key. You can obtain an API key by going to the Hudu Admin area >> Basic Information >> API.

You will then send requests including the header to the API like so:

curl https://[YOUR_DOMAIN]/api/v1/companies?page=1 -H "x-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"

    You can create and delete an API key at any time.


Scoping API Keys

API keys are configurable in multiple aspects:

1. Ability to access passwords (all REST actions)
2. Ability to perform destructive actions (DELETE actions)
3. Ability to specify whitelisted IPs
4. Ability to specify company scopes

These can only be configured at the time of the key’s creation.

We recommend being strict with these keys and allowing the least amount of access as is required for the application.



All requests to the API must be in JSON format unless otherwise specified.


Names in the API

Names in the API might differ from what you have in your Hudu application.

Name in Hudu Name in API
 Company (but can be customizable)  Company
 Password  Asset Password
 Knowledge Base Article  Article
 Process  Procedure



By default, requests to the API are paginated. Pagination is simple. Add ?page=X to your requests, and it will send you the next page of results. Pagination is in sets of 25 results.


Rate Limiting

The rate limit is set at 300 requests per minute.


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