Hudu Mobile App - Setup

The first step to using the Hudu Mobile App is the installation, you can install the mobile app from the following links:

App Store

Google Play Store



Getting Started

Upon first opening the mobile app, the following getting started screen will display with a blank text field hinting for a Hudu instance URL as an input.



    What is my Hudu Instance URL?

Your Hudu instance URL address is the web address used to access the sign-in page of your Hudu instance. For example ""

*Note: no trailing slashes or directories.


Connect the Mobile App to Your Hudu Instance

Once you obtain your Hudu Instance URL, tap the Hudu instance URL text field in the mobile app and enter your Hudu instance. You may connect to a new Hudu instance anytime when on this screen or from within the mobile app settings.

    Instance URL can be entered with or without a leading "https://".

Both of the following would be valid inputs:



Tap the done button on your mobile keyboard to start the connecting process.



How Do I Know I Successfully Connected to My Hudu Instance?

A successful connection with your Hudu instance will prompt a sign-in screen to your instance.



If the app is unable to connect to your instance for a number of reasons (incorrect instance url, no network connectivity, etc...). The app will display that there was an error.

If the below screen prompts, please confirm your Hudu instance URL is correct, and you have internet connectivity. Then, contact support with your Hudu instance URL and mobile phone operating system (iOS or Android).



Signing Into Your Hudu Instance Through the Mobile App

Once the screen to sign into your Hudu instance prompts, sign in as you normally would on the Hudu web app.

By default, the Hudu mobile app supports all sign-in methods utilized by the Hudu web app. Initial authentication through Hudu web app methods is needed upon first sign-in.

    Once initially signed in, you may set up the ability to sign into your Hudu instance with onboard device biometric authentication. You must sign in normally first.




How to use the mobile app when your Hudu instance is self-hosted behind CloudFlare?

Answer: If hosting your Hudu instance behind CloudFlare causes the mobile app to return a "Session expired" error on sign-in, you must add the endpoints of the mobile app as new applications in CloudFlare to bypass auth.
The endpoints you must add as application paths are and*. After adding the new applications, the mobile app should allow sign-on.

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