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This section of support articles describes how to set up and interact with the Hudu mobile app to utilize all of its features. This article gives a high-level overview of the scope of the mobile app.

In this article and others within this section, the word client or clients refers to the custom structure name you have defined in the settings of your instance of Hudu. This custom naming is reflected in the mobile app.




The purpose of the Hudu mobile app is to provide access to client-specific details, passwords, and KB articles and processes when on the go.

Within the mobile app, users can

  • Access their self-hosted or cloud-hosted instance of Hudu.

For security purposes, the mobile app will immediately sign out if it is completely closed out on the device. If the mobile app is put into the background on the device it will sign out after 10 minutes.

  • Utilize device biometric sensors for authentication.

    Biometric authentication can be enabled, as well as Password Authentication Frequency and Mobile Idle User Timeout set in Hudu >> Admin >> External apps. Mobile Idle User Timeout will be different then the Idle User Timeout set in Hudu >> Admin >> Security.

  • Quickly switch between their instances of Hudu.
  • View all clients within an instance of Hudu
  • Perform searches globally for clients or passwords
  • View client-specific information including:
    • Name and logo
    • Address and/or location on the map
    • Website
    • Phone number
    • Quick notes
  • View client and vault passwords.
  • View and filter passwords by password folder.
  • View and/or copy password details including:
    • Username
    • Password
    • TOTP
    • URL
    • Notes
  • Create new passwords.
  • Edit existing passwords.
  • Utilize device password autofill for both client and vault passwords.
  • View both global and client-specific KB articles.
  • View all client processes and complete tasks directly from within the mobile app.
  • Quick-Add floating action button allows for creation of the following records from any screen:
    • Company passwords
    • Vault Passwords
    • Processes
    • KB articles (company and global)


Minimum Requirements

  • Your instance of Hudu must utilize HTTPS in order to function with the mobile app.
  • Your instance of Hudu must be on release 2.29 at a minimum to function with the mobile app.
  • The mobile app must be enabled first in Hudu >> Admin >> External Apps.
  • The mobile app is designed to work on both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Minimum OS versions are as follows:
    • iOS 11
    • Android 23 (Marshmallow)
  • Face scanner and/or fingerprint reader on mobile devices to utilize biometric authentication.



Why am I getting the error message Enter a Valid Instance URL?

Answer: If you are on Hudu release 2.29 or later, you will need to ensure the mobile app is enabled in Hudu Admin External Apps (This will need to be done by an admin or super-admin).


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