Documentation Quality

    The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to admins and super admin users within your organization.

The Documentation Quality tab of the Hudu admin area allows admins to see which areas of your documentation are lacking at a quick glimpse.
In this article, we’ll discuss the documentation ratings as well as how to utilize the Documentation Quality tab of your Hudu admin area.



Ratings are calculated every 6 hours based on the # of Asset Layouts with at least one Asset / total # of active Asset Layouts.
Scores are given per the standards:
  • 0-19% - One-star documentation rating.
  • 20-39% - Two-star documentation rating.
  • 40-59% - Three-star documentation rating.
  • 60-79% - Four-star documentation rating.
  • 80-100% - Five-star documentation rating.



Upon clicking into the Documentation Quality tab of your Hudu admin area; you’ll see a list view containing the names of all of your clients (spaces).
For each named space, you’ll also see the quality score given to each space; as well as a table view of all active asset layouts.
For each named space, the table view will provide either:
  • A number indicating the number of assets found within a specific active asset layout.
  • A ((+)) sign, indicates that there are no assets contained in the asset layout for the specific space.
    • By clicking the ((+)) button, Hudu will direct you to the chosen client space to create/add an asset to the selected asset layout.



Dashboard Widget

Documentation Quality scores will be recorded on your main Hudu Dashboard under a widget called Documentation Quality. This provides a bar-graph representation of your documentation scores, with # of Spaces on the Y-Axis, and the Rating on the X-Axis.

    To hide the Documentation Quality widget from your Hudu Dashboard, click Customize Dashboard at the top of your Hudu Dashboard, then select ((Hide)) under the Documentation Quality category.

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