Flag Review

Flags are customizable markers that can be placed onto KB articles and any asset within your Hudu environment, and serve to assist in the improvement of your documentation quality.

    Visit our Flag Types article for additional information on creating and adding flags.

The Flag Review tab in your Hudu admin area or Tools section allows for management and review of these custom markers or “flags”, across all of your spaces.



  • To utilize the Flag Review feature, navigate to your Hudu admin area OR the Tools tab (editor roles).
  • Click on Flag Review.
  • From here, you’ll see the list of all flagged items; filtering per flag type can be accomplished by using the top tabs.
  • The provided fields will allow users to review the flag type, the reason for flagging (description), as well as who flagged the information and when.
  • By clicking ((View)) on the far right of an item, you’ll navigate to the flagged item.
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