Flag Types

Flags are customizable markers that can be placed onto KB articles and any asset within your Hudu environment and serve to assist in the improvement of your documentation quality.
You can create an unlimited number of flags, as well as flags can be named anything you like and color-coded to further identify or separate per unique function/priority.
The Flag Types tab in your Hudu admin area or Documentation Tools section (editor roles) allows for the creation of these custom markers or “flags”.


Creating Flag Types

  • Navigate to your Hudu admin area OR to the Tools tab (editor roles).
  • Click into Flag Types >> New Flag Type (top right-hand side).
  • Give your flag a name and choose a color to designate the flag.
  • Click Create Flag Type.


Assigning Flags

In order to Flag an item within your environment, you’ll need to have an editor role or above in Hudu.
  • Navigate to any individual KB article OR asset found within your Hudu environment.
  • Click More Options in the top right-hand corner >> Flag.
  • This will open a modal where you can select which Flag Type you’d like to assign; as well as provide notes/reasoning for the flag. 
  • Select Flag to mark the article or asset with the flag. 
    • Your asset/article will now be flagged, and the flag is shown to all users (except on External Portals).

    Visit our Flag Review article for additional information on reviewing these flags.

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