Password Folders

    The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to admins and super admin users within your organization.

Password folders act as the primary tool for password organization. Folders allow you to group clients' passwords, and can be created at a global level or at a client-specific level!
Password folders can only be edited and created by Admin and Super Admin. For users not permitted to access a folder, said folder will not appear for them.
  • Global Password Folders
    • Allows you to standardize the view of passwords for your technicians across ALL clients. Global folders will be visible inside the passwords section of ALL of your clients (if you have permission to access that folder).
  • Client Password Folders
    • Allow for the organization of passwords on a per-client basis. Not every client is the same, use these to help manage a variety of different password storage requirements.
    • Client-specific folders will only be visible inside the passwords section of the client in which they were created (if you have permission to access to that folder).
When creating/editing either type of password folder, you can choose if you'd like to restrict a particular folder:
  • Folder Viewable to All Users
    • All users in the account will be able to access passwords in this folder. Individual security permissions still apply and take precedence (i.e. Passwords stored within unrestricted folders, can still be individually restricted from users within security groups).
  • Folder Viewable to Selected Users
    • Selectively add security groups who you'd like to give access to the specific password folder. Admins and super admins will always have access.




Creating Password Folders

Global Folders

  • Navigate to the Hudu admin area.
  • Under Basic Setup, select Password Folders.
  • Click ((+ New)).
  • Assign Name and additional information (optional).
  • Optionally, directly assign it to a single specific company.
  • Select ((Create New Password Folder)).



  • Navigate to your company of choice.
  • Assign Name and additional information (optional).
  • Select ((+ New Folder)).

    If you create a folder in the admin section, assigning it to a company will make it specific to that client, meaning it will no longer be a global folder.


Edit Password Folders

  • Navigate to the Hudu admin area.
  • Select the Folder name or Edit button.
  • Click Update Folder to apply changes.
  • Enter the company/client space of choice.
  • In the clients’ passwords section, find/select the desired folder.
  • To the right of ‘New password’, Select ((Edit Folder)).
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