The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to admins and super admin users within your organization.

The General tab of the Hudu admin area allows for customization of your company's basic information; as well as serves as the area to set up and configure app-based two-factor authentication and/or SAML SSO for your Hudu environment.
In this article, we’ll discuss the options and abilities that the General tab in your Hudu admin area provides. These include:
  • Configuration of basic company information.
  • Authentication/Security configuration.



Updating Basic Information

Upon setting up or receiving your Hudu instance information, you’ll need to provide your business’s name. By navigating to the Hudu admin General tab, you’ll be able to change and update:
  • Your companies’ Business Name.
  • How your documentation is structured.
    • Most information stored within Hudu would be organized into what we call a “space”. Spaces, by default, are called companies within Hudu; but can be changed/updated to reflect your business's needs.
    • Changing how you structure your documentation is purely cosmetic.
    • Hudu provides the options to structure your documentation by:
      • Companies.
      • Clients.
      • Partners.
      • Divisions.
      • Locations.
      • Groups.
      • Customers.
      • Properties
      • Projects.
      • Schools.
      • Hospitals.
  • Start of Week.
    • Choose either Sunday or Monday as the start of the week for your business.
  • Default Time Zone.
    • Choose your business’s default time zone.
      • Each user has the ability to select which time zone they’d like to use. Visit User settings for additional information.

Authentication/Security configuration.

  • Disable External Sharing Features
    • By selecting this option you will be removing all external sharing options from your Hudu interface for all users.
    • External sharing features include the ability to create and share information via external share portals; as well as any quick links to credentials or KB articles.
  • Configure 2FA
    • By clicking configure on the 2FA option, you can set up app-based 2FA.
      • App-based 2FA must first be set up by a super-admin before it can be enabled for all users.
    • To learn more about app-based 2FA setup, our supported providers, and enforcing 2FA on all users; visit our MFA: App-based 2FA article.
  • Configure SAML/SSO
    • By clicking configure on the SAML/SSO option, you can set up Single Sign-On with any provider that supports SAML 2.0.
    • To learn more about SAML/SSO setup, our support providers, and enforcing SSO on all users; visit our Understanding SAML/SSO article.
  • Password Generator - Default Password Length
    • Choose the default password length that appears when generating/updating a password using Hudu's password generator tool.
  • Show OTP Secrets when Editing Passwords
    • By default, OTP secrets will not be shown after initial input. By selecting this option, these secrets will be visible when an authorized user clicks ‘edit’ on an individual password.
  • Idle User Timeout
    • Choose the amount of time that a user can be away/inactive on the Hudu product before it logs them out.
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