The Hudu admin area is accessible ONLY to admins and super admin users within your organization.

The General Settings tab of the Hudu admin area allows for customization of your company's basic information.
In this article, we’ll discuss the options and abilities that the General settings tab in your Hudu admin area provides. These include:
  • Business Name
  • Structure Name
  • Start of the week 
  • Default Time Zone
  • Default Companies Country Code for Phone Jump
  • Default System of Measurement





Updating Basic Information

Upon setting up or receiving your Hudu instance information, you’ll need to provide your business’s name. By navigating to the Hudu admin General Settings tab, you’ll be able to change and update:
  • Your companies’ Business Name.
  • How your documentation is structured.
    • Most information stored within Hudu would be organized into what we call a “space”. Spaces, by default, are called companies within Hudu; but can be changed/updated to reflect your business's needs.
    • Changing how you structure your documentation is purely cosmetic.
    • Hudu provides the options to structure your documentation by any structure name you prefer.
  • Start of Week.
    • Choose either Sunday or Monday as the start of the week for your business.
  • Default Time Zone.
    • Choose your business’s default time zone.
      • Each user has the ability to select which time zone they’d like to use. Visit User settings for additional information.
  • Default Companies Country Code for Phone Jump.
    • Enter a default country code for easier automated dialing.
    • This setting is useful if primarily operating within a single country.
  • Default System of Measurement
    • Choose Standard or Metric as your default measurement.
      • Metric will allow for measurements to be entered in centimeters.
      • Standard will allow for measurements to be entered in inches.

Click the Update button to save the general settings.

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