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The purpose of this article is to serve as a walkthrough for updating any user settings within your Hudu account such as basic personal information, personal Hudu design, and setting up two-factor authentication.

    Changes made to a user’s profile will ONLY reflect for the specific user; for additional information on updating settings across your entire Hudu environment, visit our Hudu admin General guide.



To update your user settings; go to the top-right corner of your Hudu environment, and click on your Profile Avatar >> Edit Profile.


Basic account settings can be updated from the top section of the newly opened window. This section allows you to:
  • Update contact information;
    • A user’s first/last name, email, and password can all be changed from here.
  • Change your personal timezone;
    • These changes will ONLY apply to the specific user; updates to your Hudu environments default timezone can be altered by admin/super admins in your organization (Hudu admin >> General).
  • Upload an avatar;
    • Must be a .png OR .jpeg
  • Other configurable items:
    • Expiration notifications trigger days: Allows you to configure the number of days ahead of time that expirations will be shown in your expiring soon category (on the main Hudu Dashboard).
    • Allow locations to be searched regardless of search filtering.
    • Switch dashboards to the 24-hour clock.



    • Choose your personal theme color;
      • Changes made to a user’s theme color will replace any custom color choices that admin/super admin users may have configured for the entire Hudu environment.
      • If you’d like to use the custom color choices set by admins in your organization (Hudu admin >> Design), select default from the list of theme options.

    Visit our Hudu admin Design guide for more information.


Two-factor Authentication

    • Turn on/configure two-factor authentication for your account.
      • Two-factor authentication is highly recommended to help secure your Hudu environment.
      • A super-admin within your organization must first set up 2FA for their personal account; before 2FA can be enforced for all users.

    Visit our MFA: App-based authentication guide for additional information!



Account Lock: 5 incorrect password attempts
Answer: This happens after 5 incorrect password attempts for a user. The user will need to wait 30 minutes to try again.
Notes: On self-hosted, you can unlock by using the following command:
sudo docker-compose exec app rails user_reset:lock
where is the user's login email.
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