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The bottom navigation bar is present throughout most screens within the Hudu mobile app. Therefore, it is the best way to navigate through the main non-client-specific features of the mobile app. 

You'll find that the bottom navigation bar of the mobile app uses a similar layout to the top navigation bar used to access different sections of the Hudu main app. From left to right those sections are as follows.

  • Dashboard
  • Clients List
  • Knowledge Base
  • My Vault
  • Floating Action Button

This article will give a brief description of what you have access to within each of the above sections. To access different sections tap the respective icon of the bottom navigation bar. You may also tap and hold the icon to reveal a tool tip with the name of the associated section as seen below.




Access the dashboard by tapping the person icon on the bottom navigation bar. The dashboard section is used to access information specific to your profile within your Hudu instance. The main features of the profile drawer are to:

  • Display Favorited Passwords, Clients, or Knowledge Base Articles
  • Display Recently Accessed Passwords

Switch between favorites and recent items by tapping the respective text as seen below.




Switch between favorited passwords, clients, or KB articles by tapping the respective icon under the favorites/recents selector, the icons follow the aforementioned order from left to right.

Any element within the currently displayed favorites list can be tapped to display the details of the selected favorite.



Recent Passwords

Passwords are added to this list when you tap the reveal button of a password, which means you have viewed the actual password, not just its accompanying details.

  • A maximum of 20 passwords can be stored in the list.
  • Once 20 passwords have been accessed, the oldest will be removed from the list.
  • Any element within the recent password list can be tapped to display the details of the selected password.

The recent passwords list is cleared upon you connecting to a different instance of Hudu. However, you may manually clear the list at any time by tapping the clear button and confirming the action.



Clients List

Access the clients by tapping the store icon on the bottom navigation bar. The client's list section is used to quickly access clients within your Hudu instance. The main features of the client's list are to:

  • Display Favorited Clients
  • Display All Clients
  • Display a Count of Clients

Switch between favorites and all by tapping the respective text as seen below.



Finding a Client

  1. Scrub quickly through the all clients list by tapping and dragging along the alphabetical column of letter.
    • As the list is scrolled, password counts for each client will be fetched and displayed in the respective list element.
  2. Tap any client within the favorites or all clients list to display its client-specific features.
    • You may also tap either the house or key icon within the list element to display client details or passwords respectively.



Knowledge Base

Access the KB by tapping the reader icon on the bottom navigation bar. The KB section is used to access both global and client specific KB articles within your Hudu instance. The main features of the KB are to:

  • Display Global KB Articles
  • Display Client Specific Articles
  • Search KB Articles
  • Display KB Articles Filtered by Folder

On app startup, the KB section will display global KB articles as indicated by the top text and icon. 



Client Specific KB Access

  1. Access the client-specific KB by first selecting a client from the client list, favorites, or search.
    • The KB follows which ever client is currently selected in the mobile app. Therefore, returning to the KB section after selecting a client will result in displaying the client-specific KB articles.
  2. Exit the client-specific KB by exiting a client or tapping the reader icon on the bottom navigation bar while within the client specific KB.



Selecting an Article

  1. Within either the global or client-specific KB, the name of the KB article displays as a list element.
  2. Tap any article title to display the respective KB article.
  3. The list element will contain a green people icon if the article is publicly available from your Hudu instance. 



My Vault

Access your vault by tapping the person-lock icon on the bottom navigation bar. The my vault section is used to access your vault passwords stored within your Hudu instance. The main features of the vault are to:

  • Display Vault Passwords 
  • Search Vault Passwords

Any element within the vault passwords list can be tapped to display the details of the selected password.



Floating Action Button

The floating action button has an extended menu that is accessed by tapping the center docked plus icon on the bottom navigation bar. The displayed menu is the starting point for adding any new content to your Hudu instance from the mobile app. You may add any of the follow types of data:

  • Client Passwords
  • Vault Passwords

Tap an icon in the extended menu to display the respective add content screen.


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